Minnesota Timberwolves: Danilo Gallinari is a quality trade target

The Minnesota Timberwolves need more quality stretch-forwards. There are a few options worth looking at this offseason.

This offseason, the Minnesota Timberwolves have a plethora of different options in terms of directions the team could take. After being awarded the first overall pick, the Timberwolves might be in the market to trade it in order to be competitive in the Western Conference sooner.

That said, one of the more under-the-radar targets for Minnesota is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari. Over the course of this season, Gallinari averaged 19 points, five rebounds, and two assists on shooting splits of 44/41/89. He is an incredible shooter and would certainly fit on the new-look perimeter-centric Timberwolves roster.

The trade:

Timberwolves Get
Danilo Gallinari (2YR-$40M S&T), PF
Thunder Get
Reggie Bullock, SF
Jake Layman, PF
Jacob Evans, SG
Elfrid Payton (only $1M guar.), PG
Knicks Get
James Johnson, PF
Two MIN 2nd-Round picks

The Minnesota Timberwolves would be paying quite a price for Gallinari, who earns a two-year, $40 million contract via this sign-and-trade. However, getting a floor spacer next to Karl-Anthony Towns might be worth it, although the defense, again, would dramatically need work. The Thunder complete this trade because they still get multiple role players in exchange for a player that is an unrestricted free agent anyways.

For the Knicks, New York sheds multiple players that have team options for a stretch-forward in addition to two second-round picks – assets that they currently need. For a team that likely will not sign any major free agents this year, Johnson is just a salary placeholder until a star-studded offseason in 2021.

The Minnesota Timberwolves need help on their roster. A core consisting of Russell, Gallinari, Towns, and presumably Anthony Edwards (currently the consensus first overall pick) would absolutely be a good start.

Gallinari is an experienced veteran whose game is going to age gracefully in the NBA. While he is not the best at scoring inside, Gallinari is a legitimate perimeter threat, especially as a spot-up shooter. The Timberwolves would also maintain enough flexibility through this deal to maintain and add key role players, particularly through their free agency exceptions.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have numerous options this offseason, and pursuing Danilo Gallinari is certainly worth a look.