Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 prospects to target at No. 17 in NBA Draft

Josh Green of the Arizona Wildcats. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Josh Green of the Arizona Wildcats. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Minnesota Timberwolves, Josh Green
Josh Green of the Arizona Wildcats. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Josh Green, Wing, Arizona

Is anyone sensing a pattern here? Indeed, we’ve arrived at another wing who should contribute on both ends of the floor.

Josh Green stands only 6-foot-6 but has a wingspan north of 6-foot-10. While he falls into the 3-and-D category, he may provide the most well-rounded upside of any of the three players on this list.

As it stands, Nesmith is the best shooter and Bey should have the greatest immediate impact on both ends of the floor, but Green may do more things on both ends now and have a higher combined upside.

Green only played one year at the University of Arizona. In 30 games, he shot 36.1 percent on 3-point attempts and posted an Effective Field Goal Percentage of 47.6 percent. He is a solid shooter from virtually everywhere on the floor, displaying outstanding touch on floaters and around the rim.

Green has outstanding feel for the game, making the right passes and occasionally making the unexpected and flashy ones, too. His feel extends to the defensive end of the floor, where Green uses his size, athleticism, and know-how to stay in front of the opposition and help out teammates as well.

There really aren’t any shortcomings defensively for Green, and that’s exactly the sort of player the Wolves need to plug in between D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, whose individual defensive issues are well-documented.

Green’s offensive feel allows him to be an adept cutter, which keeps his game from being entirely one-dimensional. He should be able to slot into virtually any scheme and understand how to get himself open for buckets at the rim or open 3-point attempts.

While Green is often mocked a few spots below both Nesmith and Bey, he may just be the best all-around fit with the Wolves among the trio.

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It’s almost a guarantee that at least one of the three will be on the board if Minnesota indeed hangs onto the No. 17 pick, and any of these wings would fit the Wolves current roster perfectly.