Minnesota Timberwolves: Jarrett Culver showing early promise

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a plethora of young wings on their roster, and one looks much improved since last season.

Minnesota Timberwolves wing Jarrett Culver has been impressive in his ~70 minutes so far this season. He is currently averaging 11 points, seven rebounds, and one assist per game, on splits of 50/38/72, much improved efficiency from last season. He also has a solid net rating in addition to being a positive player on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor.

Culver, again, if he sustains his current play, would become immensely valuable as a player that can stretch the floor and average 11-15 points per game while offering good defense – something the Timberwolves desperately need.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team that does not have many versatile defenders, and another player developing into someone that can guard multiple positions would greatly raise the floor of just how good of a defense that Minnesota can be.

One issue to look at, though, is the issue of just how many minutes Culver is going to get, though. The Timberwolves have a lot of SG/SFs, and he is arguably last in terms of those who are going to be awarded playing time – behind the first overall pick, Anthony Edwards, defensive specialist Josh Okogie, as well as recently-signed Malik Beasley.

Moving forward, Culver will have to provide consistency so long as the Timberwolves don’t have Karl-Anthony Towns, and thus far this year, he has shown that he may be able to provide that.

No matter what happens, Culver improving his efficiency offensively is easily the biggest step anyone on the Timberwolves could have taken this season – especially given he is now (again, take this with a grain of salt) shooting better splits than most players at his position.

The Timberwolves are looking to make a playoff appearance this season – and if this holds – it will dramatically help the team achieve that goal.