Why Alex Rodriguez buying the Minnesota Timberwolves is a good thing

The Minnesota Timberwolves are reportedly on the verge of being purchased by Alex Rodriguez and billionaire Marc Lore.

There was some initial concern about what that might mean for the team’s future in Minneapolis, but, all things considered, the new ownership group could mean good things for the Wolves and their fans.

Reasons to not be worried about the Minnesota Timberwolves relocating

Most of the concern around the pending sale of the Wolves is related to the possibility of the team being relocated to another city.

Seattle is most often rumored to be the next city to receive an NBA team, and rightfully so. Las Vegas is also a stark possibility.

Still, the NBA seems much more likely to expand than allow a team to relocate. Commissioner Adam Silver has mentioned multiple times that he’d be in favor of eventual expansion, but neither expansion or relocation are likely to happen any time soon.

It’s defensible for fans to be worried about the bright lights, bigger city threat — although Seattle isn’t meaningfully larger than the Twin Cities as far as media market go, and Vegas is much smaller.

But the early reports from The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynski and Shams Charania are that outgoing owner Glen Taylor has made it inescapably clear that the team is to remain in Minnesota, and that the Rodriguez-Lore group is not preparing to rock the boat any time soon.

Why Alex Rodriguez buying the Minnesota Timberwolves is a good thing

Let’s focus on the potential positives of a Rodriguez-led ownership group.

A-Rod is an internationally-known name, and regardless of his somewhat disgraceful exit from Major League Baseball, has re-introduced himself to the sports world as an announcer on MLB on ESPN broadcasts. He’s also an entrepreneur involved in many business ventures and is engaged to pop culture superstar Jennifer Lopez.

It goes without saying that the couple’s star power could do wonders for the franchise’s credibility with current and future players, as well as some added interest on the international stage. For a franchise that really only has Kevin Garnett and the late Prince (oh, and Craig Kilborn!) in the category of legitimate pop culture relevancy, that would matter.

Not to mention the debacle surrounding Garnett’s jersey retirement, or lack thereof. Rodriguez would undoubtedly get that figured out in short order.

Don’t miss Lore’s impact, either. He’s a tech billionaire who is forward-thinking and innovative and in many ways the profile of many new, modern owners of sports franchises. It’s unclear what exactly that would mean for the Timberwolves moving forward, but the idea of having a “new-age” owner has to be exciting for Wolves fans.

If nothing else, Taylor has been careful about who he sells the team to, rebuffing past offers from groups who wanted to move the team. Taylor is a Minnesota native and is proud of his “public service” as he put it, dating back to buying the team in 1994 to keep them in the Twin Cities. He isn’t likely to sell the franchise to anyone who he thinks intends to move it.

So sit back and enjoy the idea of a marquee-topping superstar sitting courtside and wooing free agents, a J-Lo halftime show on opening night next year, and The Big Ticket’s eventual jersey retirement.

With the Rodriguez-Lore group, it’s all going to happen.