Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 takeaways from win over Rockets

The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Houston Rockets in what was an incredible tanking battle. Eventually, talent overcame, but only after the Rockets effectively failed to play any tangible defense in the fourth quarter.

The Timberwolves won this game. But there were no winners – especially for those that watched the game.

Takeaway #1 – The Timberwolves/Rockets game tonight was about as low quality as any NBA game you’ll ever see.

The Minnesota Timberwolves did play a basketball game on Tuesday night. That said, what they displayed against the Houston Rockets over the course of the game was downright horrendous.

It was as bad as any game played this season – by ANY team. It was the type of night that makes one question why they watch basketball.

Timberwolves/Rockets featured every miscue imaginable, and the fact that the bottom-2 teams in the league entering the night WERE Houston and Minnesota – it STILL doesn’t show justice as to how poor of a viewing experience the game was.

Rockets-Timberwolves on Tuesday was on the same level of bad as jean shorts – JORTS! And we as a society need to acknowledge it did not happen.

Takeaway #2 – Kelly Olynyk might be worth targeting this offseason

The Houston Rockets aren’t good – but since the trade deadline, forward/big Kelly Olynyk has been on a tear, and his fit alongside Karl-Anthony Towns might be worth exploring this coming offseason.

The Minnesota Timberwolves hit on one of their 2020 first-round picks in Jaden McDaniels, but getting another shoot-first big man to add to the rotation would help the team win in 2021-22. He could be what Juan Hernangomez was intended to become – but has more than underperformed this season, despite having a nice night in Houston.

Takeaway #3 – The Timberwolves roster is top-heavy.

We’ve known that the roster in Minnesota lacks depth. Every bad team fails at having depth. But having only two starters combine for over 45 points while the others can barely score ten is another level of bad.

Sure, D’Angelo Russell is still seemingly getting healthy, and he has yet to return to the starting lineup. But the Timberwolves NEED to acquire more NBA-caliber role players this coming offseason. Without the contributions of Juan Hernangomez, Minnesota does not beat Houston on Tuesday night. And that – well, that’s really bad.

The Timberwolves next game is against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday.