Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 positive takeaways from Gersson Rosas’s firing

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Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas was unexpectedly fired last week.

Reports alleged that Rosas perpetuated a toxic work environment in the front office while engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a Timberwolves employee.

The timing of this firing was particularly bizarre. Rosas had been in charge for the entire offseason, heading the Wolves’ draft, free agency, and trade efforts. However, the new Wolves ownership group led by Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez determined that it was time to let go of Rosas.

This Rosas debacle is yet another symptom of Timberwolves’ dysfunction over the past 20 years. While this firing may be discouraging for Wolves fans, this move by Wolves ownership should be seen as a positive step for the organization.

Let’s look at three reasons why this is the case.

Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 positive takeaways from Gersson Rosas’s firing

1. Establishing a culture of accountability

This franchise has been unsuccessful for the overwhelming majority of Glen Taylor’s ownership tenure.

The decision to fire Rosas was seemingly the first major decision made with input from the new incoming ownership group, and an early move of this magnitude should set the tone for the organization going forward.

Lore and Rodriguez have sent an immediate message that toxic culture and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. Establishing a culture of accountability is a step in the right direction for an organization that needs accountability in order to become a winning franchise.

2. Sachin Gupta gets an opportunity

Sachin Gupta, who was formerly an assistant to Gersson Rosas in the front office, will step in to fill Rosas’ former role.

Gupta has been viewed across the league as a front-office up-and-comer, nearly landing the Sacramento Kings tp[ job last year and was reportedly offered a position in the Houston Rockets front office just a few months ago.

Gupta, the mind behind ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine, has been on the cusp of becoming an NBA GM for years and deservingly will get a chance to be the Wolves’ top decision-maker. Wolves fans should be excited about the prospect of Gupta running the front office, as he is one of the brightest front office prospects in the entire league.

3. A Ben Simmons trade is still on the table

The Wolves have been in the mix for a Ben Simmons trade since the end of the 2020-2021 season.

One of the biggest links between the 76ers and Timberwolves has been the well-known relationship between Rosas and 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey. Because of this relationship, many might assume that with Gersson Rosas out of the picture, a Ben Simmons trade would become less likely.

However, Sachin Gupta also has a relationship with Daryl Morey from their time together in Houston’s front office. The existing relationship between Gupta and Morey indicates that a Ben Simmons trade is still very much on the table, and additional reports suggest that Gupta has full license from ownership to pursue Simmons.

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While the Rosas firing initially felt like a definite negative, there are a handful of positive takeaways that reflect positively on the organization. The Rosas firing should be seen as a positive move for the organization and a step towards creating a winning culture that Timberwolves fans deserve.