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Comparing the Timberwolves’ roster to the Vikings

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Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns
Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns has led his squad to an above-.500 record. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports /

Timberwolves-Vikings Roster Comparisons: The Stars

Let’s compare the stars in the Timberwolves’ lineup to the Vikings.

Karl-Anthony Towns is the Timberwolves’ Adam Thielen and Eric Kendricks

I went with the Thielen and Kendricks comparison for one main reason, and that is Towns is so good, that it’s almost underappreciated or expected.

If Towns drops 40 points 12 rebounds and five assists we are just going to say, “well, yeah, it’s KAT.” If Towns only scores 25, then it almost feels like a ‘whatever’ game for him.

This is the same for Thielen and Kendricks. If Thielen makes some crazy catches and goes for 100 plus yards, we just say “he’s still got it” and move on. If Kendricks makes an insane one-handed interception or completely blankets a wide receiver, it’s expected. These players are all pivotal cogs in the machine that is Minnesota sports and will only truly be appreciated once they are gone.

D’Angelo Russell is the Timberwolves’ Kirk Cousins

Yeah I know, comparing the point guard to the quarterback, how creative? But my reasoning is different.

When Russell plays for the Timberwolves, they have a 26-19 record. When he is inactive, the Timberwolves are 5-9. Before the last stretch of games that Russell was inactive, the Wolves started 1-8 without him.

The same goes with Kirk. Although it is a small sample size of 0-2, the Vikings can not win without him. The same can be said about their play; Russell averages two more points per game in wins.  Russell and Cousins are leaders, helping players out in the heat of the action with cues they caught from film studies.

The other reason this comparison works is the fan factor. Half the fans love Russell, half the fans think he’s overrated and overpaid. But we can all agree Russell and Cousins are the leaders of the offense, and are essential to scoring points and getting the ball to our playmakers.

Anthony Edwards is the Timberwolves’ Justin Jefferson

Even if you are new to being a fan of the Wolves, I’m sure you’ve heard of Anthony Edwards.

Mr. A1 from Day 1, Antman, and self-proclaimed Black Jesus, is straight up the truth. When people talk about having that “it” factor, or that killer instinct, that is Edwards. I firmly believe he can be the face of the league and be one of the favorite players for the younger generation, just like Jefferson.

Both players are breaking records, both players are already being compared to all-time greats.

The future is so bright in Minnesota. Do yourself a favor and go watch an Edwards highlight reel.