Yes, the Timberwolves could trade up back into round one of the draft

The Minnesota Timberwolves enter the 2022 NBA Draft with four picks, but three of those picks do not arrive until round two of the draft. While the players chosen in any NBA Draft outside of the top few picks have a bit of uncertainty, players chosen in round two are often developmental in nature and need added time in a structured basketball program before they are ready for the physicality and demands of the NBA.

Oftentimes, players who are chosen outside of round one fall into the category of ‘draft-and-stash,’ or are encouraged to play a year or two in an international basketball program before returning to play in the NBA.

But the thing is, the Timberwolves are trying to build a roster now.

Some teams who are already well entrenched in the NBA Playoffs each year have the luxury of developing players for future roles and find themselves drafting with just one pick late in round one. Would any of those teams consider trading back for three picks in this draft?

The teams who fall into that category are:

  • Team                          Pick
  1. Brooklyn Nets          23
  2. Milwaukee Bucks    24
  3. Dallas Mavericks     26
  4. Miami Heat               27

The Timberwolves’ picks in round two, at 40th, 48th, and 50th overall could be enough to persuade a team that is selecting late in the draft to move back for more picks. What that could mean for the Minnesota Timberwolves is trading back into the first round by using second-round picks:

For example, if the Miami Heat was willing to entertain trading back from the 27th overall pick, the Timberwolves could persuade them to do so by packaging the 40th and 50th overall picks to return to Round one.  Where it gets a bit ‘tricky’ in any trade scenario is any trade with the Brooklyn Nets at 23 or the Milwaukee Bucks at 24. At those spots, the Timberwolves would likely be forced to part with all three second-round picks.