Naz Reid is player most likely to be traded by Minnesota Timberwolves

Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /
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Do you ever wonder . . . Hey, Minnesota Timberwolves? You are 16-21. Do something.

That is the message that I have been seeing from Timberwolves fans right now, a fanbase that has been down far too many of those one-and-done NBA playoffs in the past. It’s happened so frequently before that it’s tough to see this season playing out any other way. Unless? Yeah . . . unless the Timberwolves pull off a miracle trade before the NBA Trade Deadline, which is just over one month away, and closing rapidly.

But wasn’t it a blockbuster trade that placed the Minnesota Timberwolves into this mess in the first place? Well, the trade just happened to coincide with a rash of injuries that has decimated the Timberwolves roster so far this season, and most of those injuries have hurt some of the Timberwolves’ most productive players

Give value to get value

You have to give up something of value in order to get something of value in a trade, and the Minnesota Timberwolves had already given away most of their tradeable assets in acquiring All-Star center Rudy Gobert. So any changes to the Timberwolves roster via trading for any NBA assets like players who can help to improve this team or even for future draft picks is not going to happen if the team dangles players who are no fit for this team.

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No, for other NBA team GMs to sit up and take notice, the Minnesota Timberwolves must dangle something of value, an attractive player who is young, talented, productive, inexpensive, and can be severed from the team if things do not work out. On the Timberwolves roster right now, young center Naz Reid fits that description and may be the only one who does at the moment.