Naz Reid is player most likely to be traded by Minnesota Timberwolves

Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /
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Timberwolves rumors: Naz Reid is the best trade option

If the Minnesota Timberwolves want to shake up this roster and either add a promising player or perhaps a draft pick or two, then they must consider dealing away Naz Reid.  Reid is having arguably his best year with the Timberwolves. With just 18.1 minutes per game, he has put up 10.6 points / 4.8 rebounds / 1.0 assists / 1.0 blocks / and 0.5 steals per game. He is shooting 54.6 FG percentage and 36.0 3Pt percentage, both are very impressive for an NBA big.

The Timberwolves have reportedly been negotiating an extension with Naz Reid, to no avail. And with Reid’s ever-improving play, his fair market price continues to inflate. If he is not out of the Timberwolves’ price range already, he soon will be.

Naz Reid is a natural player for an NBA Trade right now

So what is so attractive about Naz Reid?  Well, he is universally valued in the NBA. He has the chops to arrive at an NBA Playoff-caliber roster and hold his own to give any starter a rest. But he is young and talented enough to shore up a young rebuilding roster, and perhaps even accelerate the rebuilding process in real-time.

Best of all, trading for him now gives other NBA teams the chance to play him in a pseudo-audition-type scenario, which affords them almost limitless rewards, but limits the risks significantly.  Is this the ideal trade scenario for the Timberwolves? Not in the least. But with this team at 16-21, and significant commitments to several players on the roster already, the Timberwolves appear to have lost whatever leverage they may have had at re-signing Naz Reid.

Better to get something now, rather than nothing later. The Timberwolves have a number of raw and talented bigs who may benefit from NBA minutes. Players like Luka Garza and Josh Minott are on the roster and would love to slide into any rotation. And who knows? A savvy trade exchange could help to get this Timberwolves team back on track as well.

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