Incensed Timberwolves duo Gobert/Russell sink Clippers

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Animated Gobert stomps a mudhole in Clippers

It’s tough for fans to connect to players in any professional sport when those athletes are stoic. But that’s what you get with a seasoned veteran like Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert, whose play on the basketball court is much like that of a Ninja assassin. But even emotionless Ninjas get frustrated, and Gobert certainly has reason to feel frustration. Not only have the Timberwolves been struggling, but far too many fans are quick to point the finger at Gobert and lay the team’s struggles at his feet, as though he was the cause.

Well, he’d heard enough, and it appears that he is more than happy to refute those accusations with some rather emphatic play:

For the game, this was far and wide Gobert’s best performance for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Not only did Gobert match his best scoring performance of the season with 25 points, but he was everywhere near the basket, hauling in 21 rebounds.

Double Double, on steroids

That marks the fifth time this season that Gobert had 20+ rebounds in a game:

As noted, that was the type of performance that the Minnesota Timberwolves had hoped to add to the Timberwolves roster when adding Rudy Gobert. It was not just a dominating performance around the rim, but Gobert was incredibly active for the Timberwolves on offense as well. In fact, he tied D’Angelo Russell as the top scorer in this game. So what about D’Lo?