Timberwolves: 3 West All-Star faves Anthony Edwards is outplaying

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Player I: Los Angeles Lakers G Russell Westbrook

Okay, here’s a pop quiz for you. Can you name an NBA Player who was relegated to coming off the bench and who is now among the leaders in NBA All-Star voting from the Western Conference? If you said anyone but LA Lakers guard Russell Westbrook, see me after class.

Because he is simply not compatible with guard Patrick Beverly, who has been a regular starter for the Lakers since the start of the season, Westbrook has spent the 2022-23 NBA season coming off the bench for the Lakers and playing as a former shell of his glory days.

While averaging 28.2 minutes per game in 38 contests, Westbrook is scoring a pedestrian 15.1 points per game for his team. While he does contribute in other ways, namely 6.4 rebounds and 7.9 assists per game, keep in mind that much of his playing time come in a rotational role against opposing teams’ backup players.

Westbrook has had incredible seasons over the span of his 15 NBA seasons. Right now, he is stuck in the worst season of his career, which should be an automatic disqualifier for any NBA veteran of 5+ seasons.  Once more, he plays for a big city market in Los Angeles, California. Even as the team is desperate to move Westbrook to another team and free up his salary, there simply are no takers.

Is he better this season than Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards? Not even close. So vote him into the NBA All-Star game? Isn’t there another way?

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