5 Timberwolves who may shock NBA by being traded at deadline

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Shocking trade V: Bryn Forbes

Okay, perhaps trading away guard Bryn Forbes before the NBA Trade Deadline is less of a shock and more of an enlightened with-new-information sort of transaction. The Timberwolves continue to throw Bryn Forbes opportunities, and he continues to do nothing with them.

It was obvious that the Timberwolves roster is counting on three-point shooting, scoring, some defense, and perhaps even the ability to handle some of the ball-handling duties for the Timberwolves this season. But so far, he has delivered on none of these categories to the point that warrants continued playing time. But the Timberwolves are banged up pretty badly.

Forbes is not who we thought he was

How bad is it for the Timberwolves right now? A badly bruised Anthony Edwards, who was ruled out in the latest Detroit Pistons loss, was brought back into the game in a fourth quarter that was already out of reach because neither Forbes nor his teammate Austin Rivers could handle the load.

Forbes has a solid career average of scoring from beyond the perimeter, and of being a far more productive player in general than he is producing for the Minnesota Timberwolves right now. To take advantage of 10-day contracts, the Timberwolves need an open roster spot. Despite the fact that the team is battered with injuries, Bryn Forbes should be on the trade block. And if the Timberwolves can get two Round 2 draft picks, that would be enough to part ways with the veteran.