Latest Timberwolves rumors are clear: D’Angelo Russell will be traded

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Timberwolves biggest problem

In my opinion, perhaps the worst and most immediate problem is the simple fact that Minnesota Timberwolves point guard D’Angelo Russell is, in fact, not a point guard. If the Timberwolves had a healthy backup PG Jordan McLaughlin, this would not be such a deal breaker.  But McLaughlin has played in just 18 of 43 games for the Timberwolves this season.

Perhaps the Timberwolves’ coaching staff has been hampered at troubleshooting and problem-solving the glaring weaknesses of the team because the coaches have been forced to reinvent who is handling the basketball on a nightly basis. Why is that?

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No PG? No chance at NBA Playoffs

The Timberwolves do not have a reliable ball handler right now. That is not so much a fault of Timberwolves guard D’Angelo Russell, so much as a disappointing surprise. This fact is not something that a player should drop like a bomb on his team in the midseason. And even if he was not sure, that is a conversation that should have occured with Timberwolves Coach Finch before the season started, at a minimum.

While the Timberwolves went to great lengths to construct a roster that would emphasize and amplify the strengths of D’Angelo Russell’s ability to rock the offense, run the floor, and be the best version of himself throughout the 2022-23 NBA season, Russell had other ideas. He has decided that running the Timberwolves lineup on the basketball court doesn’t suit him. Worse yet, his latest comments of defiance have tried to deflect this complicated season that he has caused back onto the Timberwolves.

That is enough for me. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am changing my vote, and am now in full favor of voting him off Minnesota Timberwolves island.