Latest Timberwolves rumors are clear: D’Angelo Russell will be traded

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Addition by subtraction

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a vendetta against PG D’Angelo Russell. The guy has scored 17.2 points, claimed 3.2 rebounds, distributed 6.3 assists, and picked the pockets of opponents for 1.1 steals per game. And there are many NBA teams that are salivating over that type of production, have an established point guard, and envision the inclusion of D’Angelo Russell on their roster as a perfect kicker to get them over the hump and create a paved highway for their route to the NBA Playoffs.

What type of value can a trade of Russell get the Timberwolves right now? Well, the more teams that bid for his services, the higher the return will go.  Multiple teams could and should be in on bidding for D’Angelo Russell. And we’ve been trying to keep up with the myriad of Timberwolves rumors and trade scenarios as they are made public.

Timberwolves rumors make more and more sense

The Minnesota Timberwolves players may play nice, but I can bet that more and more are starting to grow a bit impatient with D’Angelo Russell. Russell is focused on Russell, and that is very bad news for the Timberwolves’ locker room. Right now, a true leader of this team would be talking about ways to get Rudy Gobert more involved in the offense, defending the perimeter, and more consistent play.

But the message from D’Angelo Russell is all about D’Angelo Russell:

And so, it all leads to this. And I’m finally on board. The Minnesota Timberwolves need every player on the roster to be chipping in, trying to win, and solving problems But D’Angelo Russell is more about jockeying for position, ransoming the team, and trying to coast through this season.

The saying is All for one, and one for all. It’s not “Everyone for me,”. I’m sorry, but D’Angelo Russell has worn out his welcome. Let’s see what the Minnesota Timberwolves can get for him before the NBA Trade Deadline.

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