Timberwolves Rumors: Mike Conley Jr. tops list of PG targets

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Minnesota Timberwolves Rumors Avery Bradley
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Timberwolves free agency options

Of course, NBA Trades are not always an option because of the complexity of everything coming together. First and foremost, you need a team that is interested in a player or players on another team’s roster. Then you need for that team to find a reason to trade with that first team, in short, that team must recognize some value that will improve their team as well. Then, both teams must engage in negotiations that end at a point where both teams believe that they are walking away with more value.

It’s a wonder any trade happens at all, isn’t it? To get around that, the Timberwolves may simply opt for a free agent. But the pickings are pretty slim at the midpoint of the season for a viable point guard. But here are two veteran options who may still have some NBA tread in their tires:

Free agency II: Avery Bradley

A backcourt player who has enjoyed 12 seasons of play in the NBA, but who continues to score from the perimeter. His initial play for the Boston Celtics had him perform as a point guard, but he played the last nine years primarily off the ball. His reputation was tarnished somewhat when he competed with the LA Lakers, which is a bit surprising because I found this article from a year ago singing his praises both offensively and defensively. Bradley is a veteran who still has some basketball left in him. Will it be enough to pique the Timberwolves’ interest? That remains to be seen

Free Agency I: Isaiah Thomas

Another free agent blast from the past is 5-foot-9 185-pound point guard Isaiah Thomas. While many believe that Thomas’ best basketball is behind him, Clutch Points writer Guilherme Hiray Leal was lobbying for three NBA teams to kick the tires on Thomas for the 2022-23 NBA season. Thomas is that veteran’s leadership that is so hard to quantify but could prove to be invaluable to the controlled chaos that seems to pervade the Minnesota Timberwolves locker room this season.

And Thomas did help the Charlotte Hornets succeed just one year ago:

That would be great for the Timberwolves right now.  And great is a whole lot better than this middle-of-the-road performance that fans are getting out of the team currently.