New Timberwolves rumors: 2 teams in hot pursuit of Naz Reid

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Reid to the Nuggets?

The same Hoops Hype also suggests a scenario in which the Denver Nuggets offer point guard Bones Hyland as part of the exchange for Naz Reid. This scenario is ideal for the Timberwolves for two reasons. Firsts, it fills the most immediate and urgent need for this team in acquiring a young and accomplished NBA point guard who can come in and pair up with Anthony Edwards, becoming a formidable backcourt for the Timberwolves.

Secondly, Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly drafted Bones Hyland for the Denver Nuggets, and no doubt would love to bring a player he knows through and through to his new team. As this is only Hyland’s second season in the NBA, the Timberwolves also have an advantage of getting a young point guard near the end of his second season, giving the team two more years of Hyland before an extension is needed.

Bones Hyland

So what does this trade look like?

Once again, because the trade is an exchange of similarly paid NBA players, the ESPN Trade Mache flashes a green light on this trade scenario. But because Bones Hyland has performed in primarily a backup role, this deal does not either team’s chances of added wins in terms of the ESPN Hollinger analysis.

So why would the Nuggets want to make this trade? Well, this team is powered by center Nikola Jokic. But he has little to no talent behind him. Adding a player who can score like Naz Reid gives the Nuggets the opportunity to give Jokic necessary breaks in the remaining regular season and potentially numerous playoff games.

In either scenario, the Timberwolves lose a backup center who has made significant contributions but has become potbound on this Timberwolves roster. In both trade scenarios, Reid ends up on a team where he can capture a larger playing role, and the Timberwolves roster has a chance to upgrade a position elsewhere.

Are these truly win-win scenarios? What do you think?