Has Anthony Edwards become the Timberwolves’ Mr. January?

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Do Timberwolves have a built-in reset?

Edwards has been every bit the player that the fans and Timberwolves organization hoped that he might become ‘someday.’ Well, it appears that someday has arrived, and Ant-Man is doing everything he can to keep this team heading in a positive direction.

Since 2023 has begun, he has been averaging 26.5 points per game. That includes games in which he had been limited in minutes played due to his hip injury. That’s incredibly impressive, as it proves just how special Edwards is to the Timbewolves.

Anthony Edwards gets help from Jaden McDaniels

But let’s be quite clear. He hasn’t done it all by himself. He has had help, particularly from another teammate who is playing in his third NBA season, Jaden McDaniels:

McDaniels is the defensive equivalent of Edwards’ offense. And the trajectory of both players is projected to be among the NBA’s best over the course of their careers. Because the Timberwolves have two special players on the roster, each competing in their third NBA season, that in itself has its own benefits. Such as?

The Timberwolves traded a lot of value for All-Star center Rudy Gobert. But that was not the ‘All-In’ that many have portrayed it to be. With Edwards and McDaniels on the Timberwolves roster, the team has a built-in reset. In short, if the team decides at some point to blow up the roster, the team already has two of three key players to reform a new younger roster around. And with younger players on the rise like Luka Garza, and to a lesser extent Wendell Moore Jr. and Josh Minott, the Timberwolves have the makings of a contender for many years to come.