Timberwolves Trade Rumors: 3 reasons to love the DLo deal

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Reason III: Timberwolves get their PG

The Timberwolves paused at pulling the trigger on the trade deal as the team attempted to negotiate the best value from trading away D’Angelo Russell, and were even reported earlier today that they were actively negotiating with multiple teams. It appears that the package of Mike Conley Jr. and a second-round pick were enough to make the deal happen. Keep in mind that at the time of this article, no compensation details were available. Due to that, the compensation package to the Timberwolves and actually all teams involved could change drastically as new details become available.

What does the trade look like with what we know right now?


(will be updated in a future article as details become available

Of course, we do not yet know what years the picks will occur, nor whether or not any protection might apply to the first-round pick being sent to the Jazz. But for a moment, let’s focus on the sheer mechanics of the new Timberwolves lineup and why that will be an upgrade.

Timberwolves Trade Rumors: Details reveal tidy return for DLo. light. Must Read

For starters, let’s not convert this into a D’Angelo Rusell suckfest. He is a great player, and the LA Lakers believe that he will become a third leg to their NBA Championship triad, paired with Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Great player? At times. He has been an offensive juggernaut at times, getting hot from the perimeter in such a way that he can carry the team on the scoreboard until other players find ways to score.

But . . . that’s the first problem. The Timberwolves hoped that DLo might be the guy to run the field, like many point guards do, and get the ball into the open shooter’s hands. The player who has been hurt the most is center Rudy Gobert, who must rely upon the point guard/forward to get him the ball to allow him to score. Point forward Kyle Anderson has been able to do so. D’Angelo Russell has not. Mike Conley Jr. can, and makes him a player who will help the Timberwolves roster overall, not just by what he brings to the table.