Timberwolves Trade Rumors: 3 reasons to love the DLo deal

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Reason II: Timberwolves land a crucial draft pick

The Minnesota Timberwolves have one of the best NBA Draft executives in the league, President Tim Connelly. Ironically, the team exhausted many of their future draft picks almost immediately upon hiring him to lead the team.

The most immediate need and the understandable focus fanbase toward the Timberwolves’ future draft picks likely begins with the 2023 NBA Draft. The Timberwolves are currently scheduled to hold one second-round pick, the New York Knicks’ second-round pick acquired when the Timberwolves traded back from the 40th overall pick to the 45th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft with the Charlotte Hornets.

Timberwolves need draft picks

Right now, that draft pick is scheduled to occur as the 50th overall pick.

If the compensation package for the Minnesota Timberwolves is correct, and the team lands a second-round pick from the Lakers in this deal, that could be welcome news indeed. While the success or failure of the Lakers the rest of the way will have a significant impact on where that draft pick falls, it is currently projected to be the 37th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

That’s significantly better than drafting once at 50.

We’ve already seen Connelly at work once in the 2022 NBA Draft, where he landed both SG Wendell Moore Jr., PF Josh Minott, and international PG Matteo Spagnolo. So far, both Moore and Minott are at or better than expected. With another pair of second-round picks in 2023, the Minnesota Timberwolves can expect good things to come as well.