Timberwolves Trade Rumors: 3 reasons to love the DLo deal

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Reason I: Timberwolves get some vital financial flexibility

Another aspect of the Timberwolves trade is the amount of financial flexibility that the team now realizes with the trade. If the team was unable to extend D’Angelo Russell, which the latest reports indicate was becoming increasingly difficult, the team not only loses the player but the salary placeholder for his vacancy. That is a huge consideration as the Timberwolves need the means to preserve the financial means to extend both Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels.

The financial aspects of D’Angelo Russell, particularly as the two sides grew further and further apart, was more than enough motivation to inspire the Timberwolves front office to pull the trigger on this deal.

Now the Timberwolves’ front office has a less costly point guard, who has significant experience at optimizing the offense of center Rudy Gobert, and they needn’t concern themselves with navigating the perils of the NBA Salary Cap as the team has no placeholder for the $31 million currently paid to D’Angelo Russell this year.

This trade may also play a role in the Timberwolves belief that an extension for backup center Naz Reid is indeed possible, as the team is saving a significant amount of salary dollars in lightening the budgetary burden of so many expensive players.

Due to the NBA salary cap restrictions, teams often focus on maxing out no more than three players on the roster. With the team already committed to Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns, and with the extension of Anthony Edwards coming up, the team needed to trade D’Angelo Russell before the NBA Trade Deadline.

A step forward or a step backward? I’ll let you decide. But as more me? I love this move by the Timberwolves’ front office. Rather than set it and forget it, the Timberwolves are proving a willingness to course correct throughout the season.

And that is why I like the trade most of all

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