Timberwolves new attitude: “Let’s get a stop . . . (and end this)”

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Here comes the Timberwolves D for a W

The Timberwolves defense is becoming exactly what the team’s brass had hoped it might achieve. While it is not yet maturing into the type of consistent shot-denying defense that consistently holds opponents to under 100 points per game, it has gotten to the point where it is beginning to impose its will at key moments in the game.

Even as the Minnesota Timberwolves have yet to make a true playoff run, there is a lot of reason for optimism after this win. The Timberwolves took down a true NBA Playoff team on their court and did so far from full strength. The heart and effort from the team are getting stronger, and the chemistry that was so very much lacking before is starting to shine through. This was not an effort by a couple of Timberwolves players. This was a total team effort. A team that finally feels less clunky, less awkward, and simply comfortable competing together.

The road is paved for Karl-Anthony Towns’ return

When the Timberwolves were forced to use power forward Kyle Anderson (a.k.a. Slo-Mo), the projection of how the return of Karl-Anthony Towns could be interwoven into the starting lineup was an enigma. If the team sat Slo-Mo, then the team would be forced to run the floor through either Anthony Edwards, who is still very raw at those responsibilities or D’Angelo Russell, who was both incapable and uncomfortable at trying to include Rudy Gobert in the team’s offense.

Now, with Conley clearly at ease at running the Minnesota Timberwolves lineup in just two games, the Timberwolves have a clear and obvious path at rolling KAT into the starting lineup. Not only does it make sense, but it is a true upgrade, as the team will get a lot of mileage out of restoring KAT’s 20.8 points per game average to this team.

Too optimistic for you? Just stand by, and keep this Minnesota Timberwolves team on the radar. They did something quite special against the Dallas Mavericks on February 13, 2023. But I’m betting that is just the start of better things to come.

121. 79. Final. 124. 86

Stay tuned.

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