Timberwolves finally get timeline for Karl-Anthony Towns’ return

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports /

As the Minnesota Timberwolves enter the NBA All-Star break, they will get some much needed rest ahead of their final 21 games of the regular season. Having only played three games since the trade deadline, they have had minimal time to adjust and gel with Mike Conley as part of the starting unit.

The home stretch of games will be absolutely crucial for the Timberwolves’ season. Minnesota currently sits just 0.5 games back of a top six seed, and incredibly, just two games back from the fourth seeded Clippers. They have been an inconsistent bunch all season for various reasons, but not dropping games to inferior competition is a hurdle they will have to get over to end up in the playoffs.

One factor that has been holding the Wolves back as a team for most of the season has been the absence of Karl-Anthony Towns. Having not played since November 28, the hole left by Towns has been large and noticeable. Kyle Anderson has done an excellent job of filling in for him, but no one can replicate KAT’s unique gravity and offensive repertoire.

The Minnesota Timberwolves finally have an update on when Towns may return to the court

Towns’ calf sprain that he incurred in Washington back in November was initially thought to be a less severe injury that would only keep him out until January. But the first month of 2023 came and went, and there was no sign of a return to the floor for KAT. He was not traveling with the team for road games, and he was even seen walking in a boot.

Thankfully, the silence has finally been broken on when we may see Karl-Anthony Towns back on the court for Minnesota. Shams reported on Tuesday that there was ‘optimism’ KAT would return for the Timberwolves sometime in the final 10 to 15 games of the regular season. This news should have Wolves fans breathing a sigh of relief, as many previously speculated that he could be out for the season.

Shams reiterated the seriousness of Towns’ injury, stating that Minnesota has been very cautious about rushing him back onto the court too soon. In the grand scheme of things, this was an extremely wise decision by the organization. The success or failure of one season is never worth jeopardizing the long-term health of one of your franchise cornerstones.

Not to mention, the Wolves have looked very impressive for several stretches of this season even with KAT sidelined. They have only just begun to unlock the potential of the Rudy Gobert-Mike Conley pairing that worked so well in Utah, and Anthony Edwards has improved in a big way since the season started.

Overall, the timing of this report should be highly encouraging for Timberwolves fans. With the team still trending up since the start of January, the knowledge that one of their most important players will likely be back in around a month bodes very well for them as they head into the playoffs. KAT’s return to the court will provide a huge mental lift for both his teammates and the fanbase.

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