Anthony Edwards’ All-Star weekend proves his superstar status

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo by Kyle Terada - Pool/Getty Images)
Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo by Kyle Terada - Pool/Getty Images) /

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves were thrilled when they learned that Anthony Edwards would be heading to Salt Lake City to participate in the 2023 NBA All-Star weekend. Everyone in Minnesota was already aware of Edwards’ incredible talent, but his selection (even as an injury replacement player) felt like his chance to prove to the rest of the world just how special he truly is.

Edwards is currently in the middle of his best professional season at age 21. Putting up a hair under 25 points per game, Ant is averaging career highs across the board and doing it on greater efficiency than ever before too. After his slower start to the season, Edwards has come onto the scene as one of the most prolific scoring guards in the entire NBA.

Though Edwards did not receive the invite to the three-point shooting contest he was hoping for, he was a part of the event at All-Star weekend that truly mattered: the matchup of Team LeBron and Team Giannis on Sunday night. With the NBA choosing to have the team captains pick their reserve players first, Timberwolves fans will never forget hearing LeBron James utter the words: “With my first pick, I’m gonna go with Anthony Edwards.”

Anthony Edwards’ first overall pick by LeBron spoke volumes about his talent

Hearing one of the greatest players of all time endorse the Timberwolves’ young star felt like a moment of validation and pure pride for the entire Minnesota fanbase. Seeing James pick Anthony Edwards over all the other reserves just seemed right after his near All-Star snub, and after all he has accomplished this season.

And as Ernie Johnson noted, LeBron picking Edwards meant that the oldest player in the All-Star game selected the youngest player in the game. In all, there could not have been a much better way for Ant to have been introduced in his first ever All-Star appearance.

While a very different player from James, Edwards has begun his NBA career on a path that is not too dissimilar from LeBron’s. Both were selected first overall, and both entered the league as mere teenagers with a large amount of hype surrounding them. It almost seems fitting that the four-time NBA champion would want the Ant Man on his team.

Even though Edwards did not put up a gaudy stat line in his first All-Star appearance with just 12 points, he still came away from the festivities a huge winner. His unique ability already spoke for itself, but the fact that he was recognized by one of the all time greats before showcasing his skill on a national stage made him that much more relevant to NBA fans.

It was the first of what will become many All-Star selections for Anthony Edwards, and his talent will only become more undeniable from here.

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