Play in-chip or not, These Timberwolves are all-in

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The new PG at the helm of this team

The stats are there, but it’s in the hands of the voters now. Here is point guard Mike Conley talking about his teammate, small forward Jaden McDaniels:

"“He’s special. They ask a lot of him. Me coming in, I want to be able to spell him. He doesn’t have to guard the point guard the whole game or whatever it is he feels he needs to do, and give him even more bounce, more energy.” – PG Mike Conley as quoted by Chris Hines via Hoops Hype."

Veteran point guard Mike Conley joined the Timberwolves at the trade deadline and has bought into the culture immensely, from playing his specific role to showing up when it matters.

Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Tim Conley brought Conley in to slow down the Timberwolves’ offense when needed and make big buckets under pressure. So far, he has lived up to expectations, even during Wednesday’s game vs. the Atlanta Hawks. That turned out to be his first time playing with franchise player Karl-Anthony Towns. Conley joked in a post-game interview on Towns’ performance.

"“Very pleased with him coming back and giving us what he gave us,” Conley said. “He’s just going to get better and better, I believe. For me, it’s another guy we’re adding in, and I got to get used to playing alongside.” – PG Mike Conley as per NBA game recap."

BIG Kat stunned the crowd with his bounce-back performance after a lengthy absence. Here’s what he had to say about playing with an experienced guard like Mike Conley.

"“What I love about Mike right now is he’s getting aggressive; an aggressive Mike Conley is a dangerous Mike Conley because he’s done nothing in his life but be a fantastic player. We just want him to continue to be that.” – Karl Anthony Towns discusses teammate Mike Conley as per Canis Hoopus reporter Jack Borman"

He is a fantastic player, indeed. The only thing left for Conley to check off his list is to win an NBA Championship. A deep NBA Western Confidence is the only thing that stands in the way of the Timberwolves.