Bill Simmons 180’s on Minnesota Timberwolves Jaden McDaniels

Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports /

The Minnesota Timberwolves knew what they had in SF Jaden McDaniels long before NBA analysts did. That should give Timberwolves fans some comfort in appreciating the Timberwolves front office, if for nothing else than their ability to correctly and independently assess the talent level of players on this roster.

But that is certainly not the case for NBA analysts/reporters who have watched from a distance and, without intimate knowledge of the Minnesota Timberwolves roster or history, do not hesitate to weigh in with harsh criticism that often misses the mark and is almost always based on a lack of knowledge or insight.

One of the more spectacular scenarios was the harsh criticism that the Minnesota Timberwolves received from The Ringer founder and NBA analyst Bill Simmons levied because the team valued forward Jaden McDaniels more than a first-round pick. To Simmons, that was an example of the Timberwolves’ pathetic overestimation of McDaniels value.

Well, Simmons has recanted his earlier criticism of the Timberwolves’ appreciation of McDaniels:

While anyone in the business of NBA analysis can and does get it wrong, Simmons revealed excessive hubris when he admitted that he simply does not watch much Minnesota Timberwolves basketball.  Huh? So why weigh in on a topic that is foreign?

It’s the click-driven format right now that compels the more highly compensated web-driven experts to weigh in on hot takes. After all, online advertisers pay on the number of views, and I can assure you that stories about hard facts often come in last in the social media environment where controversy and raw emotions sell.

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The bonus to a bad take from Simmons is that not only does it stir the pot and drive plenty of views initially, but if and when he corrects the misinformed opinion later in the future, that sparks another wave of views. Minnesota Timberwolves fans know the value of Jaden McDaniels to this team. It may have taken months and actually watching the Timberwolves for Bill Simmons to agree, but he is finally on board as well.