Even in Round 2, Lakers D’Angelo Russell: “Timberwolves held me back”

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Is that really why DLo didn’t choose the Timberwolves?

The Timberwolves were an option for D’Angelo Russell after he played for the Brooklyn Nets. They simply were not the option that suited D’Angelo Russell at the time. The Golden State Warriors needed offense, and DLo has earned a reputation with the Brooklyn Nets as a player who could put points on the scoreboard. And so, the Brooklyn Nets pulled off a sign and trade with the Warriors, and D’Angelo Russell was playing for his third NBA team in five seasons:

"“I remember going through the process and I was like, ‘If I go to Minnesota, I play with Karl- (Anthony Towns) and all the guys who will be there,” he told Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. “I could potentially settle down and relax and unpack my bags. But there’s something telling me you gotta go get every bit of money you’re worth right now.” – D’Angelo Russell as per NBC Sports Bay Area coverage"

And thus ended DLo’s chapter with the Nets

DLo and the Dubs

You might think that competing with the Golden State Warriors would be the end of this tale, and yet, it is one of the shortest chapters of D’Angelo Rusell’s NBA career. He played 33 games for the Warriors, and with all of his bravado did not move the needle one iota. After 33 games, the Golden State Warriors were 9-24.

Just months after he was signed by the Dubs, he was traded away. And reports at the time were pretty consistent with his previous NBA teams. DLo had worn out his welcome once more. And yet, it was the Minnesota Timberwolves who bore the brunt of the trade, a savage series of two thumbs down ensued from almost anyone who covered the NBA.

In 20/20 hindsight, the terms certainly do seem to favor the Warriors. But at the time, Andrew Wiggins’s contract was horrible, and the Timberwolves packaged a salary dump deal and acquisition of D’Angelo Russell in one fell swoop.