5 Karl-Anthony Towns trades to rebalance Minnesota Timberwolves roster

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Last summer, the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to push all of their chips on the table in an attempt to compete for a championship. They traded almost all of their draft capital for Rudy Gobert.

In Gobert’s first season with the team, the Timberwolves were disappointing. Injuries got in the way, but the Timberwolves finished as the eighth seed in the Western Conference and were eliminated in the first round.

The frontcourt of Karl-Anthony Towns and Gobert looked a bit clunky, and with how handcuffed the Timberwolves are moving forward, they could consider making changes this summer.

Unfortunately, while the Timberwolves may prefer to cut their losses and trade Gobert, he likely has a negative value at this point. In turn, their best bet could be to trade Towns and reshape the roster. Of course, trading KAT comes with its own set of speed bumps as well. Towns cannot be traded until June 29, 2023, as is the case for many NBA players on new contract extensions.

5 Karl-Anthony Towns trades to rebalance the Minnesota Timberwolves roster

By this point, it should be clear that Anthony Edwards is the star of the show in Minnesota. Ever since he stepped into the league, he’s been oozing star potential, and last season was his best year to date.

In what is likely to be his first All-Star season of many, Edwards took the reins, carrying the Timberwolves while Towns was hurt. He’s never been more ready to be the face of the franchise.

The Timberwolves could get a great package of players and/or picks in return for Towns, which would completely change the future of the franchise and could give Edwards a better chance to win.

By trading Towns, they would be able to adjust the outlook of the roster, balancing things out by adding more guards or wings.

With all that in mind, here are five Towns trades the Timberwolves should consider this summer.

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