4 peeved Minnesota Timberwolves back with something to prove

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II: Jaden McDaniels

The Minnesota Timberwolves believed heavily in the future potential of forward Jaden McDaniels. So much so that the Timberwolves’ front office opted to add another future first-round draft pick to the treasure chest for Rudy Gobert, rather than send McDaniels to them.

And yet, when the Timberwolves needed him the most, he was not available. In an emotionally charged moment in the last game of the 2022-23 NBA season, he punched a concrete wall, shattering his hand, and eliminating any potential participation in any postseason play.

And yet, that inability to compete with the team in the NBA Play-In Tournament and the NBA Playoffs was just the tip of the iceberg for McDaniels. After putting up an incredible regular season, one in which he noticeably shunted the ability of NBA elite players to put up points, he was snubbed for consideration for the NBA All-Defense team.

Perhaps snubbed is the wrong word to use here. Disrespected feels more appropriate. And disrespect in the NBA can only be answered one way. Dominance.

Can McDaniels put up career-high numbers in the 2023-24 NBA season? He just played his heart out last year, but one foolish act overshadowed all of the incredible development he has shown. The only way to overshadow his ill-timed broken hand is to play even better this year.

That is exactly what Jaden McDaniels will do