NBA Rumors: Zach Lowe proposed trade sparkles with potential impact

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Zach Lowe proposed trade sparkles

That all sets the stage for the need to explore ways to make the Minnesota Timberwolves roster better. Can it be improved? Is it better to just run it all back and change nothing? There are plenty of reasons for that discussion, both from the pro and the con perspective, regardless of the side you choose to stand on.

But this is the NBA offseason, where imaginations run wild and the dialogue favors open-mindedness to consider all options. Some of those options come from unexpected sources and in surprising ways. One such trade proposal for the Minnesota Timberwolves to consider comes from NBA Insider Zach Lowe, who shared some thoughts on the latest episode of The Lowe Post, his video podcast where he discusses the hot NBA news of the day.

Check out his trade proposal

His podcast is shown below:

I’m sharing this because, at the 45:52 mark in the above video, Zach Lowe shares a trade scenario that he admits that he cannot shake, and that makes perfect sense to him. The trade scenario is a simple one, with a man-for-man swap of Minnesota Timberwolves PF/C Karl-Anthony Towns straight up for Milwaukee Bucks PG Jrue Holiday. It looks like this:

The swap is simply a change of address for two NBA stars. Karl-Anthony Towns is an NBA veteran of eight seasons and brings a unique blend of offensive shots to any NBA team. Jrue Holiday is a veteran point guard of 14 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down. While this trade does seem duplicitous at first glance, it does give the Timberwolves some options.

For starters, the Timberwolves would then have the option to investigate ways to shore up other spots on the team’s roster. If the Timberwolves land Jrue Holiday, the team could waive PG Mike Conley Jr. before his salary is fully guaranteed on June 24, 2023, and save $10 million. Or the Timberwolves could field trade offers for Conley as well.

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In the end, it could gain traction, or it could simply be a momentary blip on the radar screen that goes nowhere. But this simply goes to show that there are a number of ways for the Minnesota Timberwolves to improve their roster. Which road will the Timberwolves take? Stay tuned . . .