Timberwolves free agent focus: Naz Reid

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Why Timberwolves may not re-sign

Financially speaking, the Minnesota Timberwolves realistically have access to at least four NBA centers. They are (in no particular order) 7-foot-1 258-pound All-Star center Rudy Gobert, 7-foot-0 248-pound All-Star power forward and center Karl-Anthony Towns, 2-Way contracted 6-foot-10 243-pound center Luka Garza, and, of course, 6-foot-9 264-pound backup center Naz Reid.

And in a pinch, the Timberwolves had the option to send 6-foot-8 253-pound Nathan Knight to play the 5 role.

So in terms of ‘need,’ on the basketball court, there are absolutely thinner spots on the Timberwolves roster that will need to be addressed this off-season. But it’s also a matter of continuity, a strong urge to re-do the injury-riddled 2022-23 NBA season with as many players as possible in a returning role.

Too many players, too little money

While Reid may not top the list of players on the Minnesota Timberwolves – ‘To Do,’ – list, let’s not gloss over the fact that his heroics helped to carry the team to the 2023 NBA Playoffs. Still, the value of any spare tire is an unexpected emergency. In automobiles, spare tires have been universally downgraded to donuts that are designed to get the car to the next automobile repair shop only.

Is it wise for the Timberwolves to invest starting center money into a player who may start as few as 6-10 games for the team?  With so many other players to spend valuable money on, I’m just not seeing as much return on investment as some.