Timberwolves free agent focus: Naz Reid

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Recommendation: Sign and trade

There are many reasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves to want to re-sign young center, Naz Reid. But what about the player himself? Forget the fact that he loves his teammates, they have grown and competed together for the past four seasons. Forget the fact that the Minnesota Timberwolves are the only NBA team that Naz Reid has played for.

From Naz Reid’s perspective, his time to sign a big payday NBA contract is now. And his chance to finally get a chance to start for an NBA team is now. The Timberwolves have made it quite clear that the team is prepared to make Naz Reird very wealthy. If Naz Reid would, as he has said repeatedly, ‘Love to be back in Minnesota,’ then the contract would already be drawn up and signed.

There is a reason that it’s not. That reason is Naz Reid.

And so, the stakes for Naz Reid have never been higher. Reid has the potential to get red hot in the NBA Free Agency market. Not just for the position he plays, but for the fact that his fair market value is a very affordable $10-12 million per year. For many teams, that is compelling enough of a reason to throw their hat into the ring.

The best option for a bad situation

Honestly, the Minnesota Timberwolves cannot win a bidding war. Nor can this team make a bald-faced lie and tell Naz Reid that they have a starting role opening up on this roster. Nothing has changed for the Timberwolves, which suggests that if they had a strong chance to re-sign Naz Reid, it would have happened already.

But the Minnesota Timberwolves still have some leverage. The team can negotiate a Sign-and-Trade deal in coordination with Reid to preserve his Bird Rights, ensure that they have a say in which competitor Reid ultimately lands on, and get something in return for their troubles.

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The Timberwolves simply do not have enough sacks of cash to hurl at Naz Reid to keep him in what appears to be a red-hot NBA market for his services. If they cannot re-sign him, then a Sign-and-Trade is the next best option. And the best time for such a trade to be announced is during the 2023 NBA Draft.