2023 NBA Draft: Timberwolves focus on a trio of rookies

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Overdue Introductions

Okay, so who are they? Let’s make some introductions, shall we? After all, we know about six of the prospects who have already worked out for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Now we have the opportunity to feature three of the six players who worked out for the team on June 19, 2023. Why just three of the six?

Blame the Minnesota Timberwolves for that one. While the team has been batching young prospects in larger groups, the team made it a distinct point to feature just three names in a Tweet on the topic. Are these the three front-runners for the Timberwolves at the 53rd overall pick? Or does this naming of three prospects have a hint of deception behind the underlying motivation?

  1. D’Moi Hodge (Missouri)
  2. Gabe Kalscheur (Iowa State)
  3. Jalen Slawson (Furman)

2023 NBA Draft: Timberwolves trial another sextet of rookies. light. Hot

And so, we have a trio that is comprised of two guards and one forward. How do those positions align with the Timberwolves team’s needs? While there is not a true point guard in this group, there are good defenders in this trio.

The question is, who if any of this group are projected to be selected during the 2023 NBA Draft? And if they are all NBA-ready now, which player has the best overall fit and upside on the Minnesota Timberwolves roster?

That’s why they have been invited to work out for the Minnesota Timberwolves just days before the 2023 NBA Draft takes place. How good are they? Are they a fit for the Timberwolves roster? Perhaps.  Let’s take a look together.