NBA Draft: Red Hot Timberwolves topics for next 24 hours

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II: Will a Timberwolves player be on the move?

Okay, am I trying to pull a fast one on you?  Not at all. Even as I’ve discussed the Timberwolves roster as having more than the typical continuity this offseason, there is still a chance/risk of a player being traded during the draft. Who might that be? Perhaps not who you may think.

The Timberwolves have emphasized their interest to run it back. Have they been overly emphatic on that topic? I think that part of the messaging was not just intended for fans, but intended to be communicated to other NBA teams to say that no trade packages heard so far even have gotten past that “That won’t work for us,” phase of the negotiations.

The real action happens now

But as Tim Connelly has stated so succinctly, the real trade action happens within 24 hours of the NBA Draft. The Timberwolves have likely held some form of trade inquiries with other teams, whether initiated by the Timberwolves or the trade partner. So far, there has not been much progress along those lines. But will it stay that way?  I don’t know.

With NBA trades happening already, there is more and more pressure on teams to follow suit, to try to get better and to make a splashy NBA trade headline of their own. But the real benefit is not to active in the offseason, but rather to be effective. Keep in mind that even as the Boston Celtics have added Kristaps Porzingas, they had to part ways with long-time contributor Marcus Smart to do so. Does that ensure that the Celtics are a better team? I’m not so sure.

The Timberwolves cannot just trade someone for the sake of making a trade. It comes down to improving this team. Will making a trade be part of that strategy on draft day? Stay tuned to find out . . .