Did the Minnesota Timberwolves outdraft the Utah Jazz?

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Melodramatic hot takes are cheap shots and far too common

While we have and will refute these melodramatic sensationalists whenever they appear, I introduced that melodramatic video simply to set the stage for the Minnesota Timberwolves and a chance to compare the Timberwolves’ draft to that of the Utah Jazz. Why?

Let’s dispel the false presumption that the Jazz organization is somehow going to land four young NBA starters who will be in live for All-Star status based on the Timberwolves’ draft picks. After all, those doom and gloom predictions depend entirely on two things that are unlikely to transpire:

I – The Minnesota Timberwolves are unlikely to lose any lottery picks to the Jazz as part of the Gobert trade.
II – The Utah Jazz are nowhere nearly as effective at drafting as Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly.

Draft results tell a different tale than the hot takes

Need proof? Let’s just take a look at the 2023 NBA Draft results for both teams. Now, keep in mind that the Utah Jazz entered the draft with three first-round draft picks, one being a lottery pick (per Tankathon.com, the Jazz had the fifth-highest power ranking in the draft of all NBA teams).

On the other hand, the Minnesota Timberwolves entered the draft with one late second-round pick (per Tankathon.com, the Timberwolves had the 26th-highest power ranking in the draft of all NBA teams).  So it stands to reason that the Utah Jazz rookie class should be perceived to be five times better than that of the Timberwolves. After all the dust has now settled, did the 2023 NBA Draft truly close the gap between the Timberwolves and the Jazz? Is the Jazz basketball team that much better today?