3 Wolves players who will benefit most from Shake Milton free agency signing

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Which Wolves benefit most?

So who will benefit most from the Minnesota Timberwolves signing Shake Milton? Well, that will certainly depend on how the Minnesota Timberwolves deploy Milton on the floor. But Milton aligns perfectly with the Timberwolves’ theme this year, which is adding first-round projected talent that ended up falling to a  late selection in Round 2.

Milton’s draft profile projected him to be selected late in Round 1. For the Sixers, Milton was a guy who was a project, a developing player who was hoped could scavenge for minutes as he grew. But that all changed in 2020 when he unloaded on the Los Angeles Clippers for a career-high 39 points.

For a tough Philadelphia 76ers crowd, he became an instant crowd favorite. And even with his free agency, popular 76ers’ websites debated if and how the team might re-sign him. It appears that the Timberwolves have solved that problem for them. Now, which Timberwolves player will benefit most from his signing?

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Mike Conley Jr.

Veteran point guard Mike Conley Jr. is one of the reasons for real optimism for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season. But a lack of a young and viable point guard option beyond Jordan McLaughlin is a bit concerning, or rather, was a bit concerning.

When Shake Milton arrived at the Philadelphia 76ers, he was aimed at the shooting guard role to complement the lack of perimeter shooting from then-point forward Ben Simmons. When Simmons was traded for SG James Harden, Milton was transformed once more into a tweener guard.

I expect that his arrival to the Minnesota Timberwolves will end the long-standing point guard or shooting guard debate for Shake Milton, as the Timberwolves roster clearly has a far greater need for a young point guard who possesses a perimeter shot. And I am confident that Shake Milton, with his gritty work ethic, will flourish in that role.