Timberwolves decision to build around Anthony Edwards is right choice

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What roles make up a successful NBA team?

Okay, now that we’ve covered the history of the Timberwolves, let’s clean the slate. NBA teams are constructed around players, 15 of them to be exact. That roster is spread over five categories or positions, on the team. They are:

Center (5) – Tallest player, plays near the basket. On offense, the center makes layups, alley-oops, dunks, and makes offensive rebounds. On defense, he tries to block shots and make defensive rebounds.

Power Forward (4) – Tall player. Similar role to the center, but he typically plays further from the basket and plays on the back side  (the other side of the basket) to the play. He also tends to make mid-range shots, and a sub-category known as a stretch-4 will specialize in three-point shots.

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Small Forward (3) – A player who is a bit smaller than center or power forward, but more athletic. They roam all over the court, have a huge arsenal of shots, and are often tasked with defending all positions.

Shooting Guard (2) – Arguably the best shooter on the team. Nearly interchangeable with a small forward, a shooting guard is a player with good ball-handling skills who can create shots either with or without the basketball in his hands.

Point Guard (1) – Also known as the field general, the point guard is the primary ball handler who calls the plays and has the most interactions with the coach. Can speed up the pace or slow it down. He is primarily responsible for getting the basketball into the hands of the open shooter. He is often the best defender and primarily defends an opponent’s guard.

Okay, so what changes when the team pivots to building around one young star shooting guard?