Grade the Trade: KAT for Dame. Timberwolves Trail Blazers blockbuster proposal

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Timberwolves reactions

While any trade package offered by the Minnesota Timberwolves ultimately comes under the Timberwolves’ control, the team cannot be so eager to acquire Lillard that the successful trade package destroys the Timberwolves’ own chances of competing in the NBA Playoffs. I don’t expect that Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly will let that happen.

Reasons Timberwolves don’t make this trade

After the tremors of the Timberwolves trade sent shockwaves that upended most of the major NBA trade negotiations a year ago have finally subsided, do the Timberwolves want to cause another NBA earthquake? And with such a feeding frenzy already building on social media, at what point is the line crossed from fair value for both teams to complete overpay for Lillard?

I don’t have the answer. What I do know is that Damian Lillard himself feels time slipping away, which is clearly evident in his demand to be traded now.  So how much time is on his clock? Well, he is nearly two years older than Rudy Gobert, and critics have already tried to point out that Gobert is showing signs of age. Do the Timberwolves trade a 27-year-old KAT for a 33-year-old Dame?

Reasons Timberwolves do make this trade

Trading for center Rudy Gobert, while intended to have a prolonged shelf life, has already added a year to its age with little progress. And Gobert, now 31 years old, is facing his own battle of competitive NBA play shelf life. Does that motivate the Timberwolves to pull the trigger?

Perhaps not, but there are other forces at work. For starters (pun intended), the Minnesota Timberwolves cannot ignore the value of giving their own NBA All-Star guard Anthony Edwards a teammate who is himself a hard-working NBA All-Star guard who has made an NBA career in competing for a small market team. And it’s impossible not to let the imagination run wild at the thought of pairing up PG Damian Lillard with SG Anthony Edwards.

In fact, what would that look like?

Will it happen? Stranger events have taken place. A backcourt of Lillard and Edwards would not only average scoring close to 60+ points per game but would give the Timberwolves a huge burst of competitive edge this year.

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This is just one scenario, and if both teams are truly motivated to make a deal, a trade will happen. Some of the compensation could change, but the Timberwolves and Trail Blazers trade has the basics of something worth exploring further. But now it’s up to you. What do you think? Grade this trade scenario and let us know on social media or on Facebook. Thanks!