7 reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves had to re-sign Naz Reid

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IV: Naz Reid’s career timeline parallels that of SF Jaden McDaniels and SG Anthony Edwards

From the moment that the Minnesota Timberwolves committed to focusing on building a roster around star shooting guard Anthony Edwards, the priority to re-sign Naz Reid increased. That is due to the fact that Naz Reid is 23 years old, just two years older than star shooting guard Anthony Edwards, and one year older than small forward Jaden McDaniels.

To compete for an NBA Championship, the consensus is that teams need to boast three elite players. One must be among the Top-3 at his position, one in the Top-5 at his position, and one in the Top-10 in his position. For the remainder of the roster, they must be productive, complementary, and able to show up in big games.

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Naz Reid . . . ’nuff said

Naz Reid has become somewhat of an icon for the Timberwolves team:

The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the few teams that could end up the 2023-24 NBA season with three veterans and three young players who both fit the description. But for clarity’s sake, the Timberwolves are clearly pivoting to build the optimal roster to suit the play-style and skill sets of Anthony Edwards. So how does Naz Reid fit?

Well, Reid is a rather versatile player who can compete as either a power forward or as an NBA center. Standing 6-foot-9 and weighing 264 pounds, Reid is a huge big-bodied banger who can work the boards, block shots, and reroute traffic in the paint. But he can also set up at the perimeter and give Edwards plenty of open lanes to drive to the basket too.

Reid is very athletic for a big player and uses that athleticism to put up a solid defense. And that is the trademark of both Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels as well, solid defense.