7 reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves had to re-sign Naz Reid

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II: Timberwolves want to keep Naz Reid’s work ethic in the lockerroom

Naz Reid is more than a player or a stat line. In some ways, he is the heart of this team. After all, he is uniquely qualified to understand just how precious and rare it is to compete in the NBA day in and day out. And he delivers that realization each time he suits up and plays.

That is the same attitude to the game that Anthony Edwards holds as well. Believe it or not, it’s not as common in the NBA as you might think. Sure, every player will talk the talk, but there are all too few who actually walk the walk. Naz Reid is one of the few authentic NBA players who know the value of discipline and work ethic.

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Reid bringing that DAWG mentality

#DAWG. Discipline, Attitude, Work ethic, Grit. Those are the qualities of champions and an anacronym that I’ve come to borrow from LA Rams defensive line coach Eric Henderson. Those four characteristics combine to give professional athletes the drive to commit to winning. The more players who embrace this philosophy, the more likely the team is to win.

But the right attitude will not cut it alone. To truly be at an NBA Championship level, teams need to have a trio of elite players, a roster that complements the core elite, and a team that embodies a #DAWG philosophy.