7 reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves had to re-sign Naz Reid

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I: Anthony Edwards wanted him back

I’m not sure if this lone reason is greater than all of the rest, but I’ll wager it carries far more weight than any other single reason. This Minnesota Timberwolves roster is set up to feature shooting guard Anthony Edwards, and Anthony Edwards wanted Naz Reid’s extension to be done before his own contract. That’s amazing and is a true testament to just how valuable Naz Reid is to the team.

Now to put this all into perspective, let’s focus on the Timberwolves roster for just a moment. The Timberwolves clearly wanted to extend three players this offseason, with options on the others.

The Timberwolves roster is becoming family

He is incredibly popular with his teammates. Is that a good thing? I mean, there is the saying that familiarity breeds contempt. So is there a limit as to how chummy players on the Timberwolves roster can become?

There will never be a secret sauce to elimination contention from competitive NBA players. The very act of competition creates friction, as professional athletes constantly vie for a better spot on the depth chart, more minutes in rotations, and ultimately bigger contracts. And the way that the NBA is set up, starting roles, playing time, and salaries are all limited and meted out. That’s not what this is about.

We witnessed how Rudy Gobert and Kyle Anderson escalated a bench disagreement into a physical altercation that resulted in Gobert’s one-game suspension. But that is the dark underbelly of competition. The Timberwolves roster is becoming more like family all the time. That means differing points of view and disagreements, yes. But it also translates into a huge support group at the ready to help pick one another up. It means someone has your back, fighting for you, and not wanting to let one another down.

In the end, the Minnesota Timberwolves had to re-sign Naz Reid because we can all relate to him. He embodies that which each Timberwolves fan cherishes most. He may not be an NBA elite yet, or ever. But he is the type of player who is so easy to cheer for because, quite frankly, he gives a damn about the NBA, about basketball, and about how he delivers for the Timberwolves fans.

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Welcome back.

Naz Reid.