Grade the Trade: Proposed trade puts KAT w/ Hornets. But what will Wolves get?

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Charlotte Hornets’ side of the trade

The trade seems to be inspired on behalf of the Charlotte Hornets, as they have the benefit of holding a very exciting young point guard LaMelo Ball on their roster. Their challenge right now is building an NBA Championship roster around him, a task that is as much art as it is science.

Why won’t the Hornets do this

Indecision paralyzes. If the Charlotte Hornets are not convinced that something needs to be done, then they will simply do nothing. But that hasn’t worked in the past. Since adding Ball to the roster, the Hornets have never appeared in the NBA Playoffs, and have only amassed a record of 103-133. So whatever the team is doing, this is not working.

While Karl-Anthony Towns may not be coming off his best performance, wise investors buy low and sell high. Still, packaging a fair market value for Towns now may be more than this front office, already feeling significant pressure, may be willing to do.

Why will the Hornets do this

If not now, when? The window of opportunity is either opening or closing and never remains open for very long. Whatever else you may think of Towns, he is an incredible offensive presence on the basketball court, and his athleticism and versatility to put points on the scoreboard are unrivaled.

Towns would add the definitive second blue-chip player to the Hornets roster, essentially getting their team significantly closer to the ultimate prize, an NBA Championship. With a core that has plenty of scoring, the Hornets’ ability to add complementary pieces becomes all the easier. Perimeter shooting and defense, a rim-protector backing up the center position, and that’s about it.

If you balk at the two first-round picks in the deal, if the Charlotte Hornets pull the trigger, neither are likely to be lottery picks.  Let us know your thoughts on grading the Hornets’ side of this trade. As for the grade we give this scenario?

Grade the Trade Charlotte Hornets: B-