NBA Rumors: ESPN Insiders agree to watch Wolves at 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

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Timberwolves need to have a motivated trading partner

The toughest part of any trade scenario is not the components of the trade, but to identify the two or more NBA teams who ultimately agree that a trade is mutually beneficial for both teams. That is the rub.

NBA fans who propose trades often miss the mark on this point. While fans believe that a team must or should make a trade to improve the team, the NBA team’s front office does not always agree. And you can double that factor as we create NBA trade scenarios between two or more teams. After all, both teams must feel that their situation is improved by a trade. If one team emerges with an indecisive return from that trade, why do it?

Worst of all, it’s not just points and rebounds that motivate teams to trade. The NBA salary cap, a speed bump for fans who explore trades, is a huge component of any roster changes for NBA teams.

Having said all that, will there be a market for Karl-Anthony Towns at the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline? Of course. But will it be along the lines of “Just wondering what you want for him?” or more akin to “We are prepared to meet whatever your asking price is for him?”

Summing it all up

The belief that the Minnesota Timberwolves will trade Karl-Anthony Towns is a great headline, and it certainly is one of the hottest and most common NBA rumors going right now. But practically speaking, the actual effort to pull off a trade for Towns, or any major NBA player, takes a lot of time.

Doubt that? How long did it take for the Brooklyn Nets to trade Kevin Durant, a player who demanded a trade?  Need more proof? Portland Trail Blazers veteran point guard Damian Lillard wants to be traded, but that has been the case for weeks and so far it does not appear that a trade is anywhere close to happening.

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It don’t come easy. You know, it don’t come easy. But that’s the way it goes when talking about NBA trades.