Timberwolves harness the power of an electrifying young core

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

Anyone making the first glance over the Minnesota Timberwolves roster cannot avoid noticing veteran center Rudy Gobert, veteran power forward Karl-Anthony Towns, and veteran point guard Mike Conley Jr. But don’t get lost in the forest for the tall timbers on this roster. This Minnesota Timberwolves roster is truly bursting at the seams with youth.

And that gets overlooked far too often.

While there are other teams who are rapidly rebuilding their rosters with young talent through the NBA Draft, that is a slow and painful process. It’s slow because young players struggle to beat veteran NBA teams on a consistent basis. Yes, they can put up serious highlight reels. But an 82-game regular season is not a sprint. It’s not even a long-distance race.

It’s an iron man gauntlet, a grueling and incessant barrage of new teams, with new players and new looks, that makes the basketball processing skills of young players spin around and around. And then, after that level is mastered by a select few number of young players, they level up, and must now compete against the best of the NBA’s best in the NBA Playoffs.

Timberwolves’ roster boasts young and exciting players

Only a very very few number of players get better as they face better competition. The Timberwolves’ young players, like shooting guard Anthony Edwards, small forward Jaden McDaniels, center Naz Reid, and wing Nickeil Alexander-Walker, are four such players.

But NAW is not a player on the radar scope of Bleacher Report, whose recent article named the Minnesota Timberwolves as a team with one of the most exciting young cores among all NBA teams right now.

Here is a video breaking down the Bleacher Report take on the Minnesota Timberwolves that you may find interesting:

While there are those who fixate on the fact that the Minnesota Timberwolves still are obligated to convey three more first-round picks to the Utah Jazz, the Timberwolves’ roster is not depleted of young talent. In fact, this roster is bursting with young players who not only have bright NBA careers in their windshield but who are getting valuable NBA Playoffs experience as well.

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Picks are worthless. Their value is realized when picks are used to add players. So far, the Timberwolves front office has done an incredible job of keeping the talent pipeline full and flowing.  And more and more, NBA analysts are beginning to realize that fact as well.