Anthony Edwards has a preferred opponent in the playoffs next season

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports
Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves Mandatory Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports /

In the thick of the offseason, players are quietly working on their games and doing what they can to get ahead of their competition. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ best player is no exception. Anthony Edwards continues to build off his tremendous season in 2022-23, as well as prepare for competing with the United States at the FIBA World Cup next month.

In the midst of his preparations, Edwards has made time to get some of his thoughts out to the media as well. After three seasons in the association, Ant has developed from a talented young prospect to one of the best all-around players in the league under age 25.

But one thing he has not accomplished so far is winning a playoff series. Of course, that is not primarily on Edwards. His individual performances in the postseason have been outstanding, but the Timberwolves have still yet to get over the first-round hump.

Ant recently spoke with media company HEIR, talking about what he was most looking forward to in the upcoming season. He stated that he wants to get back to the playoffs, and voiced that he would like to play the Golden State Warriors specifically.

Anthony Edwards wants to play against the Warriors in the playoffs.

For a player like Edwards with such a competitive nature, it certainly makes sense that he is already thinking about being back in the playoffs. With the level of talent on Minnesota’s roster, getting to the postseason next year should be a foregone conclusion.

But his interest in playing the Warriors is a far more interesting caveat. Many players would give a non-answer to this question, or state that they like their chances against anyone. But everyone who knows Anthony Edwards knows he is uniquely candid with his words.

Edwards’ primary reason for wanting to go against Golden State was “because Draymond (Green) talks so much trash.” For many fans, this is a very understandable answer. The Warriors have arguably been the best team in the NBA for the past decade, but Draymond’s antics have seemingly touched a nerve for everyone at one point or another.

One thing is for sure: Edwards’ answers to this question just made next season’s matchups between the Timberwolves and Warriors a lot more interesting.

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