How 9 Timberwolves can benefit from the 2023 FIBA WC competition

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When it comes to the annual FIBA World Cup competition, France’s Rudy Gobert could easily be the poster child of the event. He has been a fixture on Team France for many years and may be one of the most popular NBA players in his native country of all time.

The 7-foot-1 256-pound All-Star NBA center has long been the gold standard for rim protection and defense in professional basketball. So what does a veteran like Rudy Gobert need to work on? Would you believe his perimeter shots?

Gobert has been a very committed NBA player to FIBA. In fact, it is Gobert’s participation in the FIBA World Cup competition that has opened my own awareness of the popularity of the sport. Originally, I casually viewed FIBA as a form of Euroleague playoffs. Looking back, I was guilty of simply not investigating well enough to raise my knowledge.

The NBA is truly a melting pot of international basketball talent. The Minnesota Timberwolves roster is just one example of how well professional basketball has woven the talents from the world over into a basketball league that continues to raise the bar each year. And France’s Rudy Gobert is a perfect example of that. But the Timberwolves hope that Rudy Gobert will learn how to become more active on offense while remaining injury-free throughout the competition.

Team France will open the competition against Team Canada on August 25, 2023. Team France will face Team Latvia on August 27, 2023. Finally, Team France will face Team Lebanon on August 29, 2023.