Ranking the 15 worst Timberwolves starters of the Kevin Garnett Era

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V: C Michael Olowokandi (2004-05)

GS 34 | 19.6 MPG | 5.9 PPG | 0.0 3P% | 5.2 RPG | 0.5 APG | 0.2 SPG | 0.9 BPG

We are entering the final stretch, and unfortunately, former Minnesota Timberwolves center Michael Olowokandi shows up three times in the last five rankings of worst starters of the Kevin Garnett era.

The Timberwolves needed a rim-protecting center to free up the physical play of power forward Kevin Garnett. And that seemed to be custom-suited to the style of play of 7-foot-0 269-pound center Michael Olowokandi. In his first five seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, Olowokandi averaged 9.9 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 1.6 BPG.

And the Timberwolves needed help in all three categories. Unfortunately, that is not what Olowokandi delivered.

In 2004-05, Olowokandi appeared in 62 games and started 34 of those contests. He fell far short of expectations, delivering fewer than six points per game, and fewer than one block per game. Compounding the problem is the fact that the Timberwolves failed to make the 2005 NBA Playoffs, for the first time in nine years.

While it’s unfair to lay the inability of the team to earn a playoff berth entirely at the feet of Olowokandi, he certainly was one of the contributing factors.