These Timberwolves roster moves aim at NBA Championship

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2023 Timberwolves roster low-risk high-reward moves

While the promise of young forward Leonard Miller certainly attracted plenty of interest from NBA scouts and analysts, the truth is that the Minnesota Timberwolves were the ones to pull the trigger and select him in the 2023 NBA Draft. So what sort of risk comes with Leonard Miller?

Well, the young man is exactly that, a young man. And it’s almost impossible to gauge the maturity and ability of a young man to handle the rigors and demands of the NBA. At 19 years of age, Leonard Miller already stands 6-foot-10 and weighs 210 pounds. By the time he hits 22 years of age, he could be 7-foot-2 and weigh 240 pounds. While that in itself is not a problem, the role that he plays at 6-foot-10 may be vastly different from the role he is expected to play at 7-foot-2.

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Leonard Miller: Optimus Prime?

Of course, he possesses a vast array of incredible skills, including ball-handling skills that rival those of an NBA point guard. And he has the ability to rebound like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. But if he continues to grow in height and stature, he could be the heir apparent to center Rudy Gobert’s role on the Timberwolves roster as a rim-protecting center.

The best part of the Timberwolves’ addition of Leonard Miller is the simple fact that he is a unicorn. There are no other basketball players at 19 years old who stand 6-foot-10 and have such a full range of options ahead of them. In theory, Miller could take on any NBA position and perform well enough to compete for a starting role as early as the 2024-24 NBA season.

With a team that has to factor in transitioning from veterans to young players, that is incredibly valuable for the Timberwolves. Like the toys Transformers, Leonard Miller is more than meets the eye. As time passes, Miller will only get better and better.