5 Timberwolves who could fill KAT’s void at 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

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IV – Luka Garza

If you are hesitant to toss such a heavy burden onto an NBA newcomer, due to the uncertainty of the results, then the Minnesota Timberwolves have another stronger option in place on the Timberwolves roster already in place. Young backup center Luka Garza stands 6-foot-10, weighs 243 pounds, and he has an ever-improving perimeter shot to go with a solid battery of offensive skills. Best of all, he averaged 6.5 points per game on just 8.7 minutes per game last season.

While he remains locked into a Two-Way contract, the upside of backup center Luka Garza on the Timberwolves roster remains a bit limited. But if he competes at the same or better level than his 2022-23 performance, he will make a strong case for more playing time and a larger role in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ future.

Garza gonna ball this season

And he is already showing signs of his intentions to get more playing time with the Minnesota Timberwolves this season

Truth be told, he already has made a strong case for a standard contract and could be the 15th player signed to a standard contract on the Timberwolves roster this season. But even making the roster does not truly reflect the intense workout and grind mentality that this young man possesses.

Luka Garza won’t stop until he is a starter for the NBA and has achieved his optimal production. At 24 years of age, he has several years to improve his NBA readiness. He has already showcased former Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabar’s famous skyhook shot. If he can unlock and unload that shot in NBA games, the skyhook is the limit. (pun intended).