As Timberwolves Anthony Edwards hype builds, so does the pressure

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. While that does not often apply to Minnesota Timberwolves star shooting guard Anthony Edwards, right now the hype about his Team USA performance in exhibition games has launched him into orbit.

Thankfully, the praise and recognition have been both earned and deserved. And this could be the moment in Anthony Edwards’s young career when he ascends to NBA elite status. Still, with each positive article, his reputation rises a little bit more. And the higher that Ant-Man’s reputation climbs, the longer and more horrific the fall.

You see, we like to love celebrities and star athletes. But in this topsy-turvy world that we live in, we love to hate them as well. We are nefariously drawn to stories about the demise and downfall of those we once held in high regard. It’s as though our appreciation of their performance, whether on stage, screen, or basketball court, gives us front-row seats to cheer on their decline as well.

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While the awful habit of cheering for others to fail is never justified, it has risen from the ashes of celebrities’ own hubris. In the grand scheme, actors need the support of directors, producers, writers, and production crew to have great performances.  So too, basketball players are not alone but must have the support of their teammates.

While many forget that fact and bask in that temporary spotlight, Anthony Edwards takes the time to remind us all of that. In the process, he boosts his own reputation just that much higher:

Let’s face it. Which type of player would you rather play on the same team? Would you rather have a teammate who plays well and gets plenty of spotlight, accepting that he has been just that much better than the competition? Or would you prefer a teammate who makes it a point to mention your name as a supportive and talented teammate, who could just as likely be getting an interview for an outstanding performance after the next game?

I prefer the latter.

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While Anthony Edwards will likely make more NBA fans sit up and take notice of his performance as Team USA competes for the 2023 FIBA World Cup, one thing stands out. Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards was built for moments like these. Stepping up when the game is on the line is simply in his DNA. But stepping back to allow his teammates to share the spotlight is in his heart.

As Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards’s hype builds over his performance for Team USA, so does the pressure. But he will get by as he always does, with a little help from his friends.